Pete Carroll’s Ex-wife Wendy Pearl – After 2 Years Of Marital Life, What Could Have Gone Wrong?

Pete Carroll's Ex-wife Wendy PearlPete Carroll and Wendy Pearl Were Married For Two Years. Image Source: Pete Carroll Instagram.

Sports fans would agree that without coaches to make strategic decisions and assist athletes in reaching their full potential, any team would struggle. As the brain of the club, coaches are critical to the success of any team. Peter Clay Carroll is one such National Football League coach who has led many teams to victory throughout his decade-long career.

Having led multiple NFL teams to championship victories and numerous awards, it was just a matter of time until Pete Carroll ascended to fame. When he did, the NFL coach caught the eyes of many, particularly female admirers. Plus they are understandably curious as to whether he is taken or still looking for a companion.

At present, Pete lives a blissful marital life with his wife and children. However, this is not his first marriage. As the sports coach rarely talks about his personal life in public, many are unaware of Carroll’s first spouse.

So, let us learn about Pete Carroll’s ex-wife, Wendy Pearl, in this article. Let’s also look into what went wrong between the former couple and their short marriage.

Married For Only Two Years 

Pete Carroll’s marriage with Wendy Pearl is no secret. The loving couple married in 1973 and were frequently seen together. Despite numerous media appearances, the former couple kept the details of their relationship under wraps. So, apart from the year they married, nothing has been revealed about Wendy’s relationship with the NFL legend.

Unfortunately, Pete and Wendy’s marriage ended as quickly as it had begun, and they divorced in 1975. As the couple rarely spoke about their private affairs in the media, the reason behind their separation remains a complete secret to date. 

Pete Carroll's Ex-wife Wendy Pearl
Pete Carroll and Wendy Pearl were married for only two years. Image Source: Pete Carroll Instagram.

Sometimes people aren’t destined to be together, and they only understand this after spending every waking moment with their significant other. Similarly, the former couple probably realized they weren’t compatible and chose to call it quits.

However, the NFL coach remarried less than a year after divorcing Wendy. So it’s likely that the now-married couple were already in each other’s lives before Pete’s divorce if he made such a significant change in his love life so quickly.

Nevertheless, let us wish Wendy well and hope that we will learn more about what led to their divorce from her perspective in the future.

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Pete Carroll’s Ex-wife Stays Away From The Media

Life in front of the camera is hardly like most people envision it. With paparazzi following celebrities around like GPS trackers, it’s understandable that many have withdrawn from public life to avoid relentless scrutiny. Similarly, with so many media outlets concentrating on Wendy and Pete’s broken marriage, it’s unsurprising that the celebrity wife faded from view.

Pete Carroll's Ex-wife Wendy Pearl
Since their divorce, Pete Carroll’s ex-wife, Wendy Pearl, has opted to stay away from the limelight. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

We can all agree that Wendy Pearl came to the limelight because of her association with the legendary NFL coach. While married, Wendy frequently attended football matches with her then-partner. However, since their divorce, Pete Carroll’s ex-wife has kept a low profile.

Wendy has also not made any public appearances since her divorce from the NFL star. As a result, her whereabouts are unknown at present. Furthermore, Pete’s first spouse has no social media presence, so her relationship status remains a mystery at present.

Wendy Pearl’s Husband Has Moved On

Whether or not Pete Carroll’s ex-spouse has found the love of her life, he has moved on and married Glena Goranson. On May 21, 1976, the pair married only a year after Pete split with his first wife. The NFL coach and his current partner were both college athletes, so they could have bonded over their mutual love for athletics.

In addition, Pete has welcomed three children, Brennan Carroll, Nathan Carroll, Jaime Carroll. The sports coach currently lives in Hunts Point, Washington, and enjoys a comfortable life with his family.

We hope Wendy Pearl too has moved on and found her life partner as well. But since she keeps her personal life out of the spotlight, we may have to wait a while to find out if Pete Carroll’s ex-wife has found her soulmate.

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