Terry Bradshaw’s Wife Tammy Bradshaw, Together Since 1999

Terry Bradshaw Wife Tammy BradshawTammy Bradshaw has been married to Terry Bradshaw for almost a decade. Image Source: Tammy Bradshaw Instagram.

We are all familiar with former professional football quarterback and present sports analyst and co-host of Fox NFL Sunday, Terry Paxton Bradshaw. However, apart from his professional life, Terry has also been dragged into the spotlight for the troubles of his personal life.

And his fourth marriage with former model Tammy Bradshaw was all over the news. However, despite Bradshaw’s popularity and notoriety, his spouse has done an excellent job of staying out of the spotlight.

Naturally, many are curious to know more about the beauty who stole Terry’s heart. So, stay with us to the end if you want to discover more about Terry Bradshaw’s wife, Tammy Bradshaw.

Have Been Married Since 1999

Anyone familiar with Terry Bradshaw is well informed about his marriage with Tamera Alice. The now-married pair first met while they were both getting out of their divorces. Tammy was patient with the former footballer since Terry was hesitant to give his heart to anyone else. Nonetheless, he decided to give love one more chance, and it paid off handsomely.

Terry and Tammy got married on July 8, 2014, in the most unconventional way possible. Terry told Closer Weekly in an interview that he passed his future wife in the corridor and told her they would be getting married in Hawaii, which they did. However, by the time they chose to get married, the pair had been together for more than 15 years.

Nonetheless, the love-smitten couple later renewed their vows during a trip to Hawaii. Terry and Tammy have now been happily married for seven-year.

So, we wish Terry Bradshaw’s wife and family well and hope that they may enjoy more pleasures in the future.

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Tammy Lost Her Son To Drugs

Even though Terry Bradshaw’s wife appears to be the life of the party, her life has been marred by tragedy. One of them was when her first child, David Cody Luttrull, died on July 6, 2009, from an accidental heroin overdose.

David was Tammy’s first and only son, so the loss must have been devastating for her. Despite this, she had Terry by her side when she lost her child, and the two of them began working together to raise awareness about opiate addiction.

It must have been a relief to have a shoulder to lean on in such a difficult time. After all, isn’t that what the love of your life is supposed to be?

Is Of A Philanthropic Nature

Following her son’s death, Terry Bradshaw’s wife became involved in several organizations to make a difference and provide others who have fallen into the never-ending cycle of addiction a second chance at life.

In 2019, Tammy and her husband competed on Celebrity Family Feud, winning $10,000 for the 525 Foundation. Similarly, the pair has actively supported charities such as the Opioid Solution Fundraiser and No Kid Hungry.

Moreover, Tammy has also given significant donations to Chris Long’s Waterboys Initiative, which helps drought-stricken areas in Africa by building wells.

Additionally, Tammy Bradshaw’s husband is also active with many organizations, including the American Humane Association, the Friars Foundation, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the New York Restoration Project.

Terry Bradshaw’s Wife Was Previously Married

Although many Hollywood couples have made their love last, celebrities are known for short romances and failed marriages. Yet you have to admire those who keep returning to the altar because they refuse to give up on love.

Terry Bradshaw’s spouse, Tammy, is one of those who had difficulty finding the right person. Tammy had previously been married to David Luttrull, but the couple had only been wedded for a couple of years before deciding to split in 1988 officially. The cause for the separation has not been revealed to the public; however, some sources suggest it was a mutual decision.

While the couple was unable to endure the ups and downs of their relationship, they did have two children during their time together. The former couple had a son named David Cody Luttrull, who, as mentioned before, died of drug overuse.

Similarly, the ex-pair also shares a daughter named Lacey Hester-Luttrull, who is very close to Tammy.


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However, following the divorce, Tammy’s ex-husband avoided the media. On the other hand, Tammy married Terry Bradshaw and has appeared in several tv-shows.

So we wish Tammy and Terry the best and hope that their relationship continues to blossom as the years progress.

Terry Bradshaw Was Married Thrice Before He Met Tammy

Just like Tammy, her husband Terry had also tied the knot before the pair got together. Terry Bradshaw’s first wife was Melissa Babish, Miss Teenage America, in 1969. The couple married in 1972, but their union only lasted a year.

They were soon divorced, and Terry moved on with American figure skater Alicia Starbuck three years after they separated.

Terry Bradshaw Wife Tammy Bradshaw
Tammy Bradshaw’s husband, Terry, was also a divorcee. Image Source: Bradshaw Bourbon Instagram.

JoJo and Terry exchanged wedding vows in 1976. Unfortunately, this marriage did not stand the test of time, and the ex-partners divorced shortly after they split in 1983.

Terry then married Charlotte Hopkins the same year his second divorce got finalized. The ex-couple was married for almost two decades and had two kids, Rachel Bradshaw and Erin Bradshaw. However, Bradshaw’s daughters stay close to him despite the separation and are frequently featured on his reality show, The Bradshaw Bunch.

And if the expression “All is well that ends well” had a proper context to be applied in, this would be it. Terry is now happily married to Tammy and living a pleasant life, despite three complicated divorces and years of anguish. So, we wish the pair eternal happiness.

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