5 Interesting Facts About Emerging YouTuber Cherita Gaskin Including Her Net Worth, Love Life And More

YouTuber Cherita Gaskin net worth.YouTuber Cherita Gaskin is an emerging YouTuber. Image Source: Cherita's Instagram.

YouTube has become a massive sensation in the present world. People from different backgrounds are coming to a place to make content that entertains and informs their viewers.

Amidst the army of content creators, Cherita Gaskin is a talented one who is slowly rising to the top. The California-based YouTuber has been making commentary videos for a couple of years and amassed thousands of subscribers. Therefore, here are five facts about Cherita Gaskin, including her life events and net worth. Also, did you know Cherita Gaskin is a mother? If not, stay until the end to know her motherly instinct.

Cherita Sums Up Dramas on YouTube World

The YouTube world is massive. It has connected people worldwide while also creating feuds amongst the creators. The rivalries in the beauty community and the controversies surrounding the gaming world are watched by millions around the world. And amidst this, Cherita Gaskin connects all the dots and sums up the drama for her viewers.

Challenging most ‘white’ people in the commentary channels, Cherita offers her opinion on these dramas as a black woman. Furthermore, she has amassed 16k followers in a couple of years, but she deserves more as she provides an informative look at what’s happening in the YouTube world and the celebrity networks.

Gaskin also uses her platform to speak up against racial discrimination and injustice against the black community.

Furthermore, some of her most popular videos include the storytelling of how beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina was bullied on Twitter, Hair By Jay exposing Jeffree Star, controversial comments made by Terry Crews, and many more.

Besides having a massive career on YouTube, Cherita also has a commendable following on her social media. She entertains 3k followers on Instagram and four thousand on Twitter.

Well, the kind of content Cherita creates more audiences. Hopefully, she will continue to garner more subscribers and followers. For now, let’s look into Cherita Gaskin’s net worth and her earnings from YouTube.

Cherita Gaskin’s Earnings From YouTube & Other Venture

As mentioned earlier, Cherita Gaskin challenged the white people-dominated YouTube commentary community. Can you sense the irony in that sentence? Throughout the dedication to creating informative content, Cherita Gaskin’s net worth has proliferated throughout the years.

Aforementioned, Cherita Gaskin’s earnings from her YouTube channel is somewhat saddening given the amount of time she spends in making the video. Furthermore, according to Social Blade, Gaskin’s estimated earning is $8 – $120 per month and supposedly earns $90 – $1.4K per year.

Similarly, in Cherita Gaskin’s LinkedIn, she introduces herself as a motivational speaker, life coach, and author.

According to Work.Chron, the average wage of a motivational speaker is $107,173 per year. Furthermore, the highest earners could earn more than $312,000 annually. Therefore, Gaskin’s net worth probably depends on her career as a motivational speaker as well.

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Additionally, the average salary of a life coach is $49,652. Therefore, Gaskin supposedly earns pretty well from her career as a life coach and a motivational speaker.

Besides, Gaskin’s YouTube is gaining popularity as it got featured in Insider as one of 21 channels to subscribe to in 2021. Thus, the article may help boost her YouTube engagement and let her gain the deserved views and followers.

Gaskin Prefers To Keep Her Relationship Private

An emerging star, Cherita Gaskin, is ready to gather her leads. Despite commenting on controversies on broad topics, Gaskin is very private in her personal life.

Furthermore, born to Jeffrey Gaskin and Aubrey Henry Gaskin, Cherita prefers to keep her love life away from media scrutiny. Although Gaskin is saving her personal lives aways, she welcomed a baby boy with Dwayne Carthen.

YouTuber Cherita Gaskin boyfriend.
YouTuber Cherita Gaskin welcomed a baby with Dwayne. Image Source: Cherita’s Instagram.

It is unsure if the pair is still together or not, but her recent Facebook post indicates that Cherita and Dwayne might still be dating. She appreciated her baby daddy and thanked him for aiding in parenting.

Furthermore, Dwayne is not active on Instagram since May 2020. Therefore, Gaskin is either a secretive person when it comes to her relationship or is single. What do you think?

YouTuber Gaskin Is A Mother

Aforementioned, YouTuber Cherita Gaskin welcomed a baby boy with Dwayne Carthen.

Cherita and Dwayne welcomed their first and only child in 2011 and named him Myles Dwayne Carthen. Moreover, Gaskin was very young when she birthed her only baby.


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A post shared by Cherita Allen (@cheritaisrandom)

As mentioned above, Gaskin and Carthen’s relationship status is a mystery. However, Carthen loves and supports his baby boy, and his Instagram is filled with Myles’ photos.

Likewise, Gaskin often posts about her son on her social media. She has a strong bond with her only child and never forgets to celebrate his achievements. Besides being a YouTuber, Cherita Gaskin is a great mother as well.

Faithful and A Memester

According to Cherita Gaskin’s LinkedIn, she describes herself as ‘the most positive person.’ She further guarantees her statement.

Similarly, Gaskin also claims that Jesus Christ is her homie. Well, to have a positive attitude in this time and world is pretty appreciative.

Furthermore, Cherita Gaskin is spreading positivity via her YouTube and shares her contagious smile wherever she goes. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Gaskin must be the life of the party or any event.

Besides being faithful and optimistic, Cherita also loves good memes and shares them on her Instagram. Furthermore, half of her social media is a meme, and the other half are stories about her days.

Therefore, Cherita Gaskin is a beautiful person with creative thinking. Let’s hope Gaskin’s YouTube continues to grow in the coming days.

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