Are Roxxsaurus And Her Boyfriend Matt Gibbs Still Together?

Roksana Janiszewska's boyfriend Matt GibbsRoksana and Matt are two well celebrated YouTube couple. Image Source: Roksana's Instagram.

YouTube is a platform that has changed the lives of many people. The likes of PewDiePie, Jake Paul, and many more have made a living out of it. Roksana Janiszewska and her boyfriend Matt Gibbs are amongst those fortunate people who also have successfully made a name for themselves on this platform.

Well, Roksana and Matt are still together and the lovely duo has known each other since their childhood. Their companionship has grown over the years, and with Matt finally proposing her, the lovely pair is said to exchange their vows soon. The dynamic duo has faced many obstacles throughout their relationship, yet they have come out strong, together. With that said, let’s learn more about what a beautiful love story the couple share.

What’s Their Relationship All About?

They say love is not the only important thing in a relationship, it’s the respect you have for one another. Practically, you can’t love a person all the time so, respecting them is equally important. Take Matt and Roksana for an instance, like any other couple, they have feuds, but at the end of the day, they are together no matter what. They reflect what an ideal couple is. They love traveling, meeting up with friends, and, most importantly, spending time with one another.


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Roksana Janiszewska’s boyfriend or Roxxsaurus’ boyfriend, Matt Gibbs, has his own YouTube channel with more than 27.8K subscribers. But the one he often ends up using is the one he owns with his girlfriend. Matt and Roxi together run the YouTube channel that is named after them. There, they upload videos related to their daily life, and they basically upload videos of the people they meet and the place they visit. The dynamic duo also occasionally uploads Q&A.

When Are They Getting Married?

As mentioned above, the lovebirds occasionally upload Q&A videos. An exciting topic they talked about was the one where they mentioned when are they going to get married. A fan asked the lovely couple about their future together, and like he asked, the couple surely has a future together. As they have no plan of separating what so ever for the time being, they pointed out that the fans would soon see Roksana in white. They also addressed a topic they often have whenever talking about marriage, kids. Yes, the pair is going to have kids, but not right now. Roksana said she has no plans of having kids for five years, whereas Matt said they are likely to be parents of a foster kid or of an orphan.

Roksana Janiszewska's fiancee Matt Gibbs
Roksana and her boyfriend Matt are soon to exchange their vows. Image Source: Roksana’s YouTube channel.

Apart from that, the couple is living their life, and they are often traveling to new and exciting paces. In one of their journey to Iceland, Matt surprised their fans by proposing Roksana. It was as romantic as it could be. With a beautiful atmosphere backing him up, Roxxsaurus’ soon to be husband Matt got down to his knee and proposed Roksana. She immediately said yes, and the pair got engaged.

A New Begining

We all know after a milestone, one’s importance in life changes. The same thing happened with Roksana and her boyfriend, Matt. Now the most important thing in their life is securing a future together. As pointed out earlier, the lovely pair got engaged in March of 2019 and are currently planning for another milestone, their marriage. So, they are working continuously so that they can have a happily ever after.

Roksana Janiszewska's boyfriend Matt Gibbs
Matt and Roksana love spending time together. Image Source: Matt’s Instagram.

Matt helps his fiancee in every way possible from making videos for her channel to household works. He is a perfect guy to spend the rest of your life says, Roksana.

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