Emily Canham Still Single After Breaking Up With Boyfriend Jake Boys in 2017

Emily Canham still single after breakup with Jake Boys.

It seems like after breaking up with her boyfriend Jake Boys, Emily Canham has had it with the relationships. Reports suggest Emily is still single and dating no one.

Emily Canham is British Personality. She is a blogger and YouTuber who is mostly obsessed with things related to beauty and fashion. As for her ex-boyfriend Jake Boys, he is a fellow YouTuber. Both Emily and Jake are from the UK

The YouTuber Emily is also the  L’Oreal Paris Digital Makeup Ambassador. And as for her ex-boyfriend Jake, he is known for his short video films on YouTube.

Emily Canham and Jake Boys

“Jemily” was what the fans liked to address the couple as. Like many other YouTubers couple, Emily Canham and Jake Boys met through YouTube in 2014. Whilst together, the ex-pair created a lot of vlogs together.


Despite being of young age, the ex-pair of Emily and Jake were literally relationship goals for many.

Breakup and Cheatings

There is a saying, nothing lasts forever and just like that so did the relationship between Emily Canham and Jake Boys. The news of breakup might have come as a shock to many of their fans.

The lovely British YouTuber couple ended their relationship of 3 long years. Not everything that appears perfect is actually that way.

The main reason for the break up has still not been disclosed. Though it seems that if there were some confusions between the two. Both Emily and Jake took their social media to let their fans know about the split.

The pretty Emily’s Instagram feed read that even after the break up she still considers Jake a good companion. No hard feelings were shared between the two.
Emily Canham Breakup with Jake Boys Statement Instagram
As for the other side, the feelings were mutual.


A couple of months after the pair broke up, there were rumors that Emily Canham and Jake Boys are back together. The beautiful Emily was also linked with a fellow YouTuber named Adam Waithe.

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