LGBTQ YouTubers Domo Wilson and Crissy Danielle Broke Up Without Any Reason

Domo Wilson and Crissy Danielle's breakupThe LGBTQ YouTubers, Domo Wilson and Crissy Danielle broke up with each other in 2018. Image Source: YouTube.

Even after being engaged for two years, the LGBTQ YouTube ex-couple, Domo Wilson and Crissy Danielle broke up. The ex-couple didn’t state any specific reasons behind their break up.

Domo Wilson and Crissy Danielle, also known for their popular YouTube channel Domo and Crissy, were a couple and relationship goals for many of their followers. They had got engaged in September of 2016. Plus, they had a son, Domonic Christopher Wilson, from Domo’s pregnancy.

It seemed everything was going perfectly fine for the ex-pair of lesbians. But things always don’t work out as planned, do they?

Domo and Crissy Emotional Video on YouTube

Like what a regular vlogger would do, Domo and Crissy, too, did the same. After the pair decided to split up, they recorded an emotional video and uploaded it on YouTube. Their drenched eyes can give us a clear picture of how much sad both of them were.

Both Domo and Crissy seemed unhappy, and Domo stated that nothing dramatic was involved behind their break up. The news about break up between Domo and Crissy must have been quite shocking for many of their fans. Both seemed to be made for each other, but after some time, they figured it out that things weren’t working out with them as a couple.

Domo and Crissy break up
After two years of being engaged, Domo and Crissy broke up. Photo Source: Domo and Crissy’s Facebook.

The ex-couple, Domo and Crissy, claimed how they will always be close even if they are no longer together. They will always be there if one needs support. Hearing them speak, it felt as if there were no hard feelings, and both of them are still on friendly terms even after their breakup.

We are sure all their fans must have left with tears after watching their emotional video on YouTube. They no longer run a joint YouTube account. They probably might start a solo YouTube career. As of August 2018, their YouTube channel “Domo and Crissy had gained over 3.2 million subscribers. But as of 2020, the YouTube channel does not exist and has been deleted.

Crissy Danielle Seems To Be In Love With Her Boyfriend

Gorgeous Crissy Danielle looks to be in a loving relationship with her boyfriend. Going through her Instagram account, she often posts photos and videos of her with him. So, it seems like she has moved on with her life and is enjoying her love life with him.

Crissy Danielle's love life
Crissy Danielle, with her boyfriend. Image Source:cr.issy/Instagram.

On the other hand, Domo Wilson is apparently single and is happy with her present life. She also seems to have moved on but is probably not in any kind of relationship right now.

The Ex-Couple Has A Son Named Domonic Christopher Wilson

Many fans must be wondering what about Domo and Crissy’s son? Well, he was born on Mar 14, 2017. His parents officially introduced him to the YouTube audience in a vlog. Domo and Crissy’s son, Domonic, was born a healthy child. He weighed around 7 pounds and 15 ounces and was 20 inches long at the time of his birth.

However, Domonic has been diagnosed with autism. His mom, Domo, made a video about this on Dec 11, 2019. She had a hard time to accept the fact that little Domonic was autistic. But now, she is over it and is very much enjoying being a mother to such a wonderful and adorable kid.

Since Domo and Crissy are not together, they have worked out a custody agreement privately. The little Domonic will spend 3.5 days each week in both his parent’s houses. Plus they have vowed to go on holidays and spend family vacations together.

At such a young age, little Domonic has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram. His mother manages his Instagram account. Similarly, he also has a YouTube channel, “Domonic’s Clubhouse,” with more than 33.7k subscribers.


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Happy birthday mommy! You’re my bestfriend 🥺🔐

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So, the LGBTQ YouTubers, Domo Wilson, and Crissy Danielle are probably doing great as parents to adorable Domonic Christopher.

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