Does Kati Morton Have A Boyfriend? Or Is She Married?

YouTuber Kati Morton is married.YouTuber Kati Morton has around 861K subscribers. Image Source: Kati's website.

The online friend of people suffering from mental disturbances, Kati Morton, was born on October 13, 1983, in Washington. She is a licensed therapist who makes Mental Health videos covering various topics on YouTube. With the generation full of suffering depression and anxieties, Kati helps the viewers with her educational information. She released her book, Are U Ok? A Guide to Caring for Your Mental Health in 2018.

So, let’s get to know if Kati Morton is in a relationship? or is she married?

The Morton(ization)

The YouTuber Katy has an enormous audience of around 861K subscribers on her channel, with whopping 65,465,367 views on her videos, which is still increasing daily. She is an angel in the YouTube community, providing help and advice. The fans of her videos call themselves as Kinions and have found a safe space on the internet as well.

Talking about the love life of Katy Morton, she is happily married to hubby Sean Saint-Louis. The couple got married back on July 13, 2013. They seem to be very close to each other, and despite spending around seven years together, their bond seems only to get stronger.

Kati Morton got married on July 13, 2013
The couple, Kati and Sean, got married on July 13, 2013. Image Source: Kati Morton’s Instagram.

Who is the gentleman that married the beautiful and talented Kati Morton? Let’s know about him.

Husband Sean

The lovely counselor on the Internet, Kati Morton’s husband, Sean Saint-Louis, is the co-founder of the production company Orange County Films. He is also director and producer of movies like Call of the Void, The Guilds, Murphy, and so on. As per Sean’s Behance account, he seems to have about twelve years of industry experience already. Like his wife, he also has a YouTube channel where he posts occasionally.

YouTuber Kati Morton is married.
Kati Morton with her husband, Sean Saint-Louis. Image Source: Sean’s Instagram. 

Husband Sean Saint-Louis is very supportive of the contents his wife Kati creates. He is always behind the camera, cheering and helping. Since Sean offers experience and expertise for traditional channels and social media avenues, we can assume that he helps his wife for most of the YouTube matters.

YouTuber Kati Morton has been married with Sean Saint-Louis for around six years.
Kati’s hubby Sean always cheers and supports her from behind the cameras. Image Source: Sean Saint-Louis’s Instagram.

According to Creator Hand Book, the idea of opening a YouTube channel was of Sean as he saw potential in his wife Kati, where she could directly interact with her viewers. Both husband and wife only bring good things out of each other.


The partner that got married in 2013 and entering the seventh year of their marriage, Kati and her husband Sean, spend a lot of time together. The content creators duo is always exploring new places and new things together.


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As Kate Morton and Sean Saint-Louis have been together for so long, love and care for each other so much, we can assume that they might be thinking about starting their own family soon. We wish them only the best and hope they will get great news soon.

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