Look Into The Love Life Of The YouTuber Couple Rachel and Jun

The married pair of Rachen and JunThe American-Japanese couple, Rachel and Jun, who are teaching the world about Japan through their Vlogs. Image Source: Japantimes.

YouTube is a growing platform for all sorts of genres. With the ever-increasing popularity of YouTube, the Youtuber Couple, Rachel, and Jun have become a sensation. They shoot videos about daily life in Japan or any other relevant topics. Talking about the sensation Rachel and Jun, the couple proved that long-distance relationship works if your love is real and if you can compromise, as Rachel is an American and Jun is a Japanese. The couple got married back after spending five years apart from each other.

Let’s know more about the love binding Rachel and Jun, one of the top vloggers in Japan.

How Did The Now Married Couple Meet?

Rachel and Jun have been together for more than eight years and are still going strong. The lovely couple has a story behind their first meet, which they shared with the viewers on their YouTube channel. Rachel came to Japan as her abroad study destination and Japanese language as her major to get a scholarship for her Air Force course. There she met Jun as her RA (Resident Assistant), and the pair kept evolving from their first meet and later ended up in the long-distance relationship as Rachel had to return to America for her dream job, Airforce Officer.

They even talked about the first impression of each other, which was so cute. Rachel thought that Jun looked like a manga character and very cool. Whereas Jun thought Rachel was a model, ended up being impressed when Rachel told him that she is not a model but a future Airforce Officer.

YouTuber Couple Rachel and Jun
The love story that took place in the university between a foreign exchange student and a resident assistant. Image Source: Rachel and Jun’s Instagram.

Rachel and Jun keep on showering us with their relationship goals and make us feel quite jealous too. However, we must admit that they are the example of a well balanced loving couple.

Adventure Buddies

For the new content ideas for the videos, Rachel and Jun are always out there, exploring and trying out new things together. Since the main agenda of their channel is to inform more about Japan to other people from other countries, the pair is always creating trustworthy content.

We can see that Rachel and Jun are always positive and cheerful and have adrenaline rush on doing various new things. They explore various parts of Japanese culture and share it with the viewers, in their separate YouTube channel ‘Rachel & Jun’s Adventures! ‘

YouTuber Couple Rachel and Jun
Rachel and Jun are the lovely adventurous couple who do many new things together. Image Source: Rachel and Jun’s Instagram.

We hope that this gummy couple will keep on giving their content, helping us to know more about daily life in Japan, as the viewers are only getting bigger and better.

Has A Lovely Family

Rachel and Jun have the cutest family ever, they are the proud parents of three cats. And the charming parents can’t seem to get tired of sharing their children’s pictures.


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Well, we hope they will always receive good news and we viewers are always blessed with wonderful content.

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