Look At YouTuber Adam McIntyre’s Net Worth, Merch, And See If He Has A Girlfriend

Adam McIntyre's Net Worth.Adam McIntyre's Net Worth is increasing with the growing popularity of his YouTube channel. Image Source: Adam's Instagram.

YouTube is a massive video-sharing platform that allows people from any community or background to share their views and talent with the world. Among such talent is Adam McIntyre whose niche lies in the commentary world.

McIntyre occasionally uploads vlogs on his YouTube and shares his personal yet momentous events in life. Likewise, he garners a massive number of views within hours of uploading a video, and his social media engagement is entirely plausible as well.

Because of all the ventures and challenging works, Adam McIntyre’s net worth has increased quite astoundingly. Thus, let’s look into his wealth and income. We shall also see if Adam is in a relationship or is waiting for the right person. So, stick until the end.

YouTuber Adam McIntyre’s Net Worth

Aforementioned, YouTuber Adam McIntyre has become a notable name in the YouTube world, especially the commentary community. He has been uploading videos on the site since 2015. Furthermore, the niche of McIntyre’s channel transformed from DIYs to a reaction to vlogs to commentary videos.

Likewise, Adam McIntyre’s channel Adam McIntyre grew significantly. He has amassed 157k subscribers and millions of views on his YouTube. Thus, Adam McIntyre’s net worth has also skyrocketed at the same pace. Therefore, let’s scrutinize Adam’s earnings and income from YouTube. Let’s also see if his started venture or brand endorsements and sponsorships aid his wealth.

Earnings From YouTube

Aforementioned, Adam McIntyre’s net worth has proliferated with the rise of his channel, Adam McIntyre. Furthermore, the Irish YouTuber has amassed 157k subscribers in his YouTube channel and has uploaded 900+ videos to date.

Moreover, according to Social Blade, McIntyre’s estimated earnings from YouTube ranges from $554 – $8.9K monthly and $6.7K – $106.4K per year. As for the views, he currently has a total of 32.7 million views. His most viewed video is colleen ballinger, stop lying which has 1.4 million views and followed by THE BREAKDOWN OF BRITNEY SPEARS, which now has 905K views.

Therefore, Adam McIntyre’s primary source of earning is YouTube. Moreover, he was indulged in video making from a very young age. Apart from the main channel, McIntyre also started a secondary channel named more adam mcintyre. 

Adam’s second channel has already accumulated 16.6k subscribers with great viewer engagement. According to Social Blade, McIntyre’s second chancel makes $57 – $906 per year as the channel has only 24 videos until now. But there is no doubt that this channel will continue to grow in the coming days.

Therefore, Adam McIntyre’s wealth might continue to increase with the growth of his YouTube channels. Well, he must have thought of making a career in YouTube and video making as he revealed about dropping out of college and in his secondary channel.

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Brand Endorsements & Sponsorships

As stated earlier, YouTuber Adam McIntyre’s wealth is doubling as he continues to upload fun videos on his channel. Furthermore, both his YouTube channel and Instagram are legible for brand endorsements and sponsorships.

However, we do not hear much of sponsor videos on McIntyre’s channel. Neither do we witness many endorsed posts on his social media handle. Despite garnering 36.8k followers on Instagram, he has never posted any brand-related posts. Guess he will someday earn from those as well. Furthermore, Adam is yet to launch his merch.


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In conclusion, an Irish boy, Adam McIntyre’s net worth is increasing day by day, and he is looking forward to being a full-time YouTuber. He even talked about moving to England in 2021 on his own. Thus, let’s wish all the luck to the blue-eyed boy for a bright future.

Is  Adam McIntyre Single?

What do you think? Is YouTuber Adam McIntyre is single? Our answer might be drifting somewhere in between.

Well, first of all, Adam McIntyre is only 18 years old, and he might be too young to recognize love. However, he did share a couple of pictures of him and a girl named Caitlin Odoherty. He once uploaded an adorable video on valentines’ day. So, maybe, girlfriend?

Adam McIntyre's Net Worth.
Adam McIntyre is probably single. Image Source: Adam’s Instagram.

Also, Adam McIntyre is an LGBTQ YouTuber, and he is yet to find his lover. He even raised a voice with fellow YouTuber Tyler Oakley regarding the conversion therapy subjected to Quintal while he was in rehab for his addictions.

Therefore, it’d be a little hard to find who Adam McIntyre is dating because he is too young. And even if dated or is dating someone and likes to keep it confidential, we shall respect his decision to remain private. However, McIntyre loves his fans and would share his happiness with his ‘besties.’

Hence, let’s be patient and wait for McIntyre to open up about his relationship dynamics himself. Until then, let’s hope his net worth continues to grow indefinitely and he enjoys his life.

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