YouTuber Malu Trevejo’s Boyfriend Kisses Her On Video. He Seems Dominating

Malu Trevejo's boyfriendsMalu Trevejo does not seem to be dating anyone and broke up with her ex-boyfriend too. Image Source: malutrevejo /Instagram.

YouTuber Malu Trevejo is a widely known figure on social media outlets. With great power comes great responsibility, but in Malu’s case with pretty face comes many boyfriends. And it surely doesn’t go well. In one of a video, we saw Malu’s ex-boyfriend kissing her but forcibly and seems to be dominating.

Malu mostly gained her popularity thanks to TikTok, a social app for live broadcasting and video creation. The 15-year-old Malu hasn’t had luck with boyfriends. To date, Malu has had many boyfriends, but not a single one has lasted very long.

Malu Trevejo’s Dominating Boyfriends

Posting hot pictures on her social media surely helps Malu to gain a lot of attention. In one of her videos, Malu Trevejo’s ex-boyfriend kissed her. Not many may have noticed, but it seems like she was being kissed against her will. Her boyfriend seemed to be dominating.

The way Malu Trevejo’s boyfriend kissed her, twisting, and turning her neck, it seemed he was domineering.

Though Malu posted a lot of videos and photos on her social media outlets, she rarely posts personal stuff relating to her. One of her ex-boyfriends, Danny, broke up with her, and she lost it on her Instagram live too.

In her other video, we could see Malu, smooching with another guy. But this time it seems different. It surely is difficult to understand Malu and her choices.

Malu’s list of boyfriend contains some names. One of her boyfriends was a teenager named NBA Youngboy. Youngboy’s real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden. However, the relationship between Malu and Youngboy didn’t last very long.

In this case, also, Malu’s ex-partner seems to be dominating. She accused her ex-boyfriend NBA Youngboy of pressuring her to have sexual relations.

Malu Trevejo's ex-boyfriend
Malu Trevejo’s all ex-boyfriends seem to be dominating. Photo Source: Malu’s Instagram.

Perhaps what Malu needs is a break from all her relationship. She also blamed her ex-boyfriend, a guy named Reese. She accused him of threatening, though Reese denied it by calling her an attention seeker.

Besides making boyfriends, the young Malu loves dancing and singing. Looking at Mela Trevejo’s condition, we don’t think that she will have a long-lasting relationship pretty soon.

What’s Malu Trevejo’s Relationship Status Right Now?

Well, going through her Instagram, it does not look like she is in any kind of relationship right now. But it seems as if she is taking a break from the love affairs and relationship. She frequently posts her photos and videos only on her social media handle.


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A post shared by Malú 🦋 (@malutrevejo) on

Apparently, it looks like she is very happy with her single life. Perhaps she does not want to rush to be in a loving relationship with someone that fast.

Or it might also be that Malu has been dating someone but just does not want to make it public at the moment. Therefore, it’s pretty hard to know anything about her love affairs and status. Anyways, we hope the best for gorgeous Malu Trevejo.

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