Meet Andrew Scarborough – Photos Of Joe Scarborough’s Son With Melanie Hinton

Joe Scarborough's Son Andrew ScarboroughAndrew Scarborough is the youngest son of Melanie Hinton and Joe Scarborough. Image Source: Joe Scarborough Instagram.

Joe Scarborough is the proud father of four kids, a daughter, and three sons from his two marriages. And Andrew Scarborough is one of his sons with his first wife. With the fame Joe has gained due to his career as a journalist, his personal life is always a topic of interest to the public.

As a result, fans are curious to learn about his love life and kids. So, what is Joe Scarborough’s son, Andrew Scarborough, doing these days? Find it out here, along with some of his professional and personal facts.

Second Child Of Joe Scarborough With Melanie Hinton

Andrew Scarborough is the second son of the previously married couple, Joe Scarborough, and his wife, Melanie Hinton. Together Joe and Melanie welcomed Andrew in January 1991.

Furthermore, Andrew Scarborough has an elder brother named Joey Scarborough, who was born in the late 1980s. As the youngest child of his parents, we can assume that he was pampered a lot by his parents and brother.

Joe Scarborough's Son Andrew Scarborough
Andrew Scarborough has an elder brother, Joey Scarborough. Image Source: Joe Scarborough Instagram.

Andrew Scarborough’s parents are no longer together, having ended their marriage in 1999. Following the divorce, his mom got married to Peter Haupt and now goes by the name Melanie Hinton Haupt.

Furthermore, his dad remarried twice, first with Susan Waren in October 2001. Joe and Susan have two kids, Katherine Clark Scarborough and Jack Scarborough.

After his divorce from Susan in January 2013, he exchanged wedding vows with Mika Brzezinski. Mika was previously married to Jim Hoffer and has two kids, Emilie Hoffer and Carlie Hoffer.

Even though his mom and dad’s relationship failed, Andrew grew up surrounded by love. He shares a close bond with both of his parents, as well as his siblings.

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Joe Scarborough’s Son Was Diagnosed With Asperger’s

While interviewing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in 2005, Joe Scarborough revealed that his son, Andrew has a slight form of Autism which is called Asperger’s. He and Kennedy were talking about the potential link between Autism and vaccines.

Furthermore, Kennedy claimed that Autism was an unknown disease, and the cases began appearing after a preservative, Thimerosal, was used in vaccines.

Joe Scarborough's Son Andrew Scarborough
Joe Scarborough’s youngest kid with his ex-wife Melanie, Andrew was diagnosed with Asperger’s. Image Source: Joe Scarborough Instagram.

Joe also stated that something must have happened to his son and many other children of his age. The journalist said that while he was practicing law and even when he was in Congress, several parents visited him with videotapes of their kids.

Furthermore, Andrew’s dad and Kennedy Jr. theorized that there was some kind of link between autism and vaccines. However, studies conducted by experts have found no evidence regarding the link between vaccines and autism.

Also, apart from Asperger’s, Andrew is also a person with diabetes. Joe revealed his son’s diagnosis in June 2011.

His Dad Was Involved In A Controversy Related To Autism

In July 2012, Andrew’s dad was widely criticized after he suggested that James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado mass shooter, was “on the autism scale.” However, he had no evidence to back his statement.

Later, Joe was called out for linking violent behavior to Autism and was asked to apologize. He issued the statement apologizing for his remarks. And in the statement, he stated that he had spoken to increase awareness and funding for the disease and also supports the efforts of those who work to improve the lives of those with Autism.

Suffered A Terrible Head Injury

In September 2016, Joe Scarborough’s son, Andrew, had a terrible accident. He fell down from the flight of stairs and fractured his skull. Following the incident, the Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski explained that Joe was not in the episode due to a family emergency.

Andrew was hospitalized at Bellevue Hospital, and Mika stated that he was stabilized and was recovering. Furthermore, Scarborough’s dad also gave an update through a Twitter post, where he wrote that his son was doing great after a frightening day and long night.

Joe added that his family was thankful to everyone who kept Andrew in their prayers and thoughts. He tweeted series of messages and thanked his well-wishers. Andrew seems to have recovered well after the accident.

Is A Married Man

Joe Scarborough’s son, Andrew Scarborough, is happily married to the love of his life. He tied the knot with Brianna Keller, On June 3, 2016. Andrew’s dad shared a picture of him and his bride on his social media pages and congratulated them.


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The lovely couple exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony at a church, surrounded by friends and family. Furthermore, after their marriage, the lovely duo moved to Connecticut. Andrew and Briana love each other deeply and are enjoying quality time together.

Despite the fame that Andrew has gained, he is a private person. He has kept his Instagram private and does not have other social media profiles. Furthermore, he has not made many public appearances.

Nevertheless, Andrew Scarborough might be doing excellent and living a good life. We hope to learn more about Joe Scarborough’s son in the coming days.

Name Meaning

The name Andrew has Greek origin, and it means Manly.

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