Joe Scarborough’s Ex-wife Melanie Hinton – What Went Wrong? Married For Over A Decade

Joe Scarborough's ex-wife Melanie HintonMelanie Hinton is the first wife of Joe Scarborough. Image Source: Joe Scarborough Instagram.

Melanie Hinton is well-known as the former wife of television host Joe Scarborough. He is a famous journalist who also co-hosts American morning news and talk show Morning Joe. He has gained immense fame and popularity because of his work.

Due to the massive fame surrounding Melanie’s ex-husband, Joe, his personal life has been the topic of interest for a long time now. Thus, fans are curious to learn about Melanie too.

Therefore, here, we are going to learn in detail about Joe Scarborough’s ex-wife, Melanie Hinton.

Is His First Wife

As mentioned earlier, Joe Scarborough shared a marital life with Melanie Hinton. The former couple met at the University of Alabama and were college sweethearts. And after dating for a few years, Melanie and Joe tied the knot in 1986.

After their marriage, the former couple moved to Gainesville. There, Melanie Hinton’s ex-husband attended the University of Florida law school, and later, they settled in Pensacola. The then-married pair loved each other deeply and lived a happy life for the time being.

Has Two Kids With The Ex-Husband

As mentioned earlier, Melanie and Joe were married in 1986. After their marriage, the former couple welcomed two sons. Their eldest son, Joey Scarborough, was born in the late 1980s.

Then, in January 1991, Joe Scarborough’s ex-wife, Melanie, gave birth to their youngest child, Andrew Scarborough.

Joe Scarborough's ex-wife Melanie Hinton
Melanie Hinton and Joe Scarborough have two sons together. Image Source: Joe Scarborough Instagram.

In 2016, Melanie Hinton’s son, Andrew, suffered a traumatic head injury, a fractured skull, after falling down a flight of stairs. Furthermore, Melanie’s ex-spouse, Joe, wrote on Twitter that he was sitting up and doing better. Joe added that his family was so thankful for all the prayers.

As of now, Melanie’s sons have settled down and might be doing great in their lives. Andrew tied the knot with Brianna Keller on June 3, 2016. Similarly, Hinton’s son, Joey, who is a journalist, has been married to Catherine Byrnes Grenfell since June 25, 2016.

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Melanie Hinton’s Son Was Diagnosed With Asperger’s

In an interview in 2005, Melanie’s former partner told Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that their youngest child was diagnosed with Asperger’s. They were talking about the potential link between vaccines and Autism when Joe revealed his son’s diagnosis. Moreover, Robert claimed that autism was an unknown disease and cases began to appear after Thimerosal, a preservative, was used in vaccines.

Joe too acknowledged Kennedy Jr.’s theory suggesting that something had happened to his son, who was born in 1991, and the other children around his son’s age or younger than him. Since Robert stated that vaccines were increased by the government in the late 1980s, Scarborough put out his own thought regarding the case. He gave an example of his child and other kids who were born around the same time being diagnosed with Autism.

There have been many controversies about vaccines and their use since then. However, to this day, no studies have found the link between vaccines and autism.

Joe Scarborough’s Wife Remarried

Even after being married for 13 years, the couple could not save their marital life. They got divorced, which was finalized in 1999. Following their divorce, the estranged couple had joint custody of both sons. They might have agreed upon a certain amount of alimonies.

Following the divorce, the ex-duo moved on in their respective lives. Joe Scarborough’s estranged wife got married to Peter Haupt. According to her Facebook, she goes by the name Melanie Hinton Haupt. The couple got married in July 2014.

Joe Scarborough's Ex-Wife Melanie Hinton
After her divorce from Joe Scarborough, Melanie Hinton got married to Peter Haupt. Image Source: Melanie Hinton Facebook.

Similarly, Melanie’s estranged husband, Joe, also got married to Susan Waren in October 2001. The couple, who have two kids, daughter Katherine Clark Scarborough, and son Jack Scarborough, got divorced in January 2013.

After that, Melanie’s ex-husband got married for the third time to Mika Brzezinski. Mika and Joe do not have any kids together, but she shares two daughters, Carlie Hoffer and Emilie Hoffer, with ex-husband Jim Hoffer.

Has Not Revealed Much About Herself

Unlike Joe, Melanie seems to be keeping her personal life private. However, as she has not revealed much about her profession, there are different types of rumors about her job.

According to an online tabloid, she works at ABA and is the Director of Communication and Media Relations. Furthermore, after earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Journalism, she joined ABA in the department of communication and media relations in 2016.

Similarly, as per another online source, she also worked under Airline of American for Public Relationship and Communication of the Airline Industry as a managing director.

In addition, it also suggests that she worked at the British Embassy of Washington D.C. as public affairs manager and even worked as a head of several campaign events for six years. However, due to her private nature, it is not sure if the rumors about her profession are true.

Nevertheless, Hinton might be doing great in her life and living a happy life. So we hope to learn more about Joe Scarborough’s ex-wife, Melanie Hinton, in the coming days.

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