Tanisha Asghedom and Lauren London Feud – Tanisha Trying to Take Back Nipsey Hussle

Tanisha Asghedom and Laurel London's blood feud

Laurel London is an American actress and TV personality who has been making big waves in Hollywood off late. Having starred in movies like ATL and 90210, she has gained name and fame in showbiz. Despite all her success, London is best known for her relationship with Nipsey Hussle.

Nipsey Hussle, whose real name is Ermias Asghedom, is an American rapper who is best known for his mix-tapes like The Marathon, Crenshaw, amongst others. Before being in a relationship with London, Nipsey dated Tanisha Asghedom and they had a kid together named Emani Asghedom. And Nipsey’s two love interests haven’t always seen eye to eye.

Laurel and Tanisha aren’t big fans of each other and that is very evident. After breaking up with Tanisha, Nipsey immediately started dating actress Laurel London. This is supposed to be the start of the bad blood between Laurel and Ermias started, over the affection of a certain Nipsey Hussle.

Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle
Laurel London and Nipsey Hussle are in a relationship.
Image Source: HipHopDX

When the break up occurred between Tanisha and Nipsey, Tanisha reportedly still had feelings for her man and still wanted him in his life. When Nipsey started dating Laurel, Tanisha got very jealous, which caused her rivalry with Laurel to intensify, resulting in intense bad blood between the two.

And then things went to the next level when Tanisha released a tweet in 2014, throwing shade at Laurel and Nipsey’s relationship. She tweeted to Laurel saying that Nipsey said that he still loves her. She threw more shade at Laurel telling her to block her now. With this tweet, we got a glimpse at the bad blood between these two women.

Tanisha Asghedom disses laurel london

The bad blood between these two has intensified due to Tanisha being desperate to get her man back. But that doesn’t seem possible as Laurel and Nipsey are deeply in love with each other. While there were rumors of the two splitting up, they are still deeply embedded in their relationship.

Laurel and Nipsey’s love life has been boosted by the birth of their child Kross Asghedom on 31st August 2016. With the birth of their son, Laurel and Nipsey have become inseparable and it seems Tanisha reuniting with Nipsey is impossible now.

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