Jaime Kailani’s Marital Life With Husband And Children

Jaime Kailani's husband, Jesse JohnsonJaime Kailani and Jesse Johnson are enjoying there married life along with their two sons, Photo Source: Jaime Kailani's Facebook.

The pop singer Jaime Kailani is considered the “do-gooder” since she is a very caring person. The second eldest in the Hernandez household is a Hawaiian native currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

The 37-year-old is happily married and a mother of two. Jaime Kailani is also the sister of 11 times Grammy winner Bruno Mars. Aside from the UpTown Funk singer, the mother of two also has four other siblings.

Jaime Kailani is married to Jesse Johnson and enjoys a stable life along with their kids. Below let us talk about Bruno Mars’ sister’s love life and her children.

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LA Is Where The Love Birds Met?

There is very little information available regarding Jaime Kailani’s love life with Jesse Johnson. The founder of 4 Mama Earth was previously working as a booking manager for her brother Bruno Mars. That led Peter Hernandez’s step-daughter to Los Angeles, where she would settle down.


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Since her better half is only active on Instagram with the user name jessejohnsonla, we can assume the hula dancer’s daughter might have met him there.

In 2007 Kailani founded the 4 Mama Earth in Los Angeles to make the world better through music, art, and nature.

Jesse And Jaime’s Firstborn Is An Accomplished Artist

Mario Van Peebles, also called Marley, is the eldest son of Jaime Kailani and Jesse Johnson. As mentioned above, the Lylas band member is not as open as you think she is, even with all the fame.

Jamie Kailani’s son, Marley, is probably in his final university year and looks to be in his early 20s. Unlike sticking to his family talent, Kailani’s eldest son is an artist, which we shall discuss below.

Jaime Kailani's son Mario Van Peebles.
Jaime Kailani’s son Marley is an accomplished artist. Image Source: Jaime Kailani’s Instagram.

Mario Van Peebles is an accomplished artist, and his work can be seen displayed in a lot of exhibitions. His creativity has its own signature uniqueness and mostly minimalistic. Unlike Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso, Mario’s work is easy, simple to understand, and aesthetically pleasing.

His aunty Tiara Bella Hernandez also uses his work in her festival “Keikichella.” The festival is held annually in Hawaii, and the sons of Jaime’s other sister Tahiti Hernandez Kemper are also active members.

Furthermore, Mario Van Peebles donned a traditional Hawaiian garland called Lei during his high-school graduation in arts to honor his mother and their heritage. His proud and happy mama accompanied him during the event.

Since he is far from his family because of his studies, Bruno Mars’ sister often posts pictures of him. He also is a victim of pale skin disease.

The Pop Singer’s 2nd Son

Jaime Kailani’s marriage with the tall Jesse Johnson not only blessed them with one but two wonderful babies. Jamieson Johnson, also called Jaimo by his family, is the younger brother of Marley.

Jaime Kailani's son, Jamieson Johnson
Jamieson Johnson, the second son of Jaime Kailani, is also called Jaimo. Pic Source: Jaime Kailani’s Instagram.

Similar to his brother, Jaimo’s personal information is also very scarce. Kailani’s second child is about 14-15 years old, enjoying his mid-teenage years. He is mostly seen with his parents and somewhat is continuing the family tradition.

Jamieson is a skilled drummer like his grandfather, Peter, and uncle, Eric Hernandez, who is one of the best modern drummers.

Young Jaimo only considers percussion as his hobby, unlike his cousins Nyjah Music and Zyah Rhythm.

Soccer Player In The Making?

Bruno Mars’ nephew is already an accomplished soccer player with multiple trophies in his bag. Young Jaimo excelled in the sports of soccer, mostly winning trophies in the under 13 competitions.

Posted by Kailani Bayot on Saturday, 27 January 2018

The California native is also a player for LA Galaxy SouthBay. LA Galaxy is a big thing in the MLS, as players like David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimović were once part.

Hopefully, Jaime Kailani and Jesse Johnson’s second-born breakthrough as a star talent in the amateur league and debut for the LA Galaxy.

Jesse Johnson Who?

Despite everything mentioned above, we still do not know exactly who Jaime Kailani’s husband, Jesse Johnson, is and what he does. Out of all the Hernandez siblings, Jaime and the french beard rocking Jesse became husband and wife first. However, details regarding their marriage ceremony are well-hidden from the public.

Nonetheless, Jaime Kailani and Jesse Johnson are happily married and enjoying their life in California along with their two wonderful kids. We wish the best to both the love birds and continue living life how they have always been living as a strong family.

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