Ryan Higa’s Ex-Girlfriend Tarynn Nago is Now Married to Realtor Larson Oliva

Ryan Higa's ex girlfriend Tarynn Nago is now married to Larson Oliva

One of the famous YouTuber’s Ryan Higa is possibly single and dating no one. But Ryan has already got his fair share in dating. The talented YouTuber Ryan Higa dated Tarynn Nago from 2006-2010. After all this year Ryan is still single, whereas his ex-girlfriend Tarynn Nago is now married to Larson Oliva.

Ryan’s ex-girlfriend Taryn Nago’s husband Larson is a realtor.

There are not any details regarding why Ryan Higa and his ex-girlfriend Tarynn Nago broke up, but they parted ways on a mutual understanding.

Ryan Higa is known for his amazingly creative YouTube videos. He has got over 21 million subscribers on his YouTube channel named “nigahiga.”

Ryan Higa’s Ex-girlfriend Is Already Married

It looks like after breaking up, Ryan’s ex-girlfriend Tarynn Nago found her prince charming. Ryan Higa’s ex-girlfriend Tarynn Nago tied the knot with her husband Larson Oliva on the 21st of October 2012.

If you are following Tarynn and Larson on Instagram, then you will know how much the couple is in love. Both of their news feeds are filled with photos of one another. The lovely pair goes on romantic dates and tends to spend a lot of quality time with one another.

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It has been over half-decade since the adorable duo of Tarynn and Larson hooked up.

At the moment, they are living a happy and prosperous life in Hawaii. Ryan Higa’s ex-girlfriend Tarynn is yet to have a baby.

The YouTuber Ryan Higa has featured his ex-girlfriend Tarynn in some of his earlier videos also.

Ryan Higa Is Still Single

The 28-year-old Ryan Higa is still single and dating no one. It is as if he is so much into creating videos for his YouTube channel that Ryan has forgotten to make a girlfriend.

Despite having over 21 million subscribers on YouTube, Ryan still has not managed to fall under the list of top 10 richest YouTubers of 2018. But we are hopeful with the day-to-day increasing popularity of the handsome YouTuber; he will make it to the list pretty soon.

Ryan Higa with ex-girlfriend Tarynn Nago
Ryan Higa and his ex-girlfriend Tarynn Nago who is now married to Larson Oliva. Photo Source: Famous Fix.

Plus whoever will end up being Ryan Higa’s girlfriend or wife will be one fortunate woman to have him as a partner. As for the time being he is too occupied with his chores and is trying his best to make out something in the industry.


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