Jesse Williams’ Son Maceo Williams With Aryn Drake-Lee

Jesse Williams's son Maceo WilliamsJesse Williams and his former partner , Aryn Drake-Lee has a son, Maceo Williams. Image Source: Jesse Williams Instagram.

Maceo Williams is the second-born child of Jesse Williams and his former partner, Aryn Drake-Lee. His parents are raising him and his sister, Sadie, with great love and care. At such a young age, he has already gained significant fame as Jesse Williams’s son.

Without further ado, let’s learn more about Jesse Williams’s kid, Maceo Williams, and his whereabouts.

Is The Only Son Of The Couple

Maceo Williams’s parents were married for eight years. In their almost decade-long marriage, they welcomed two children, a daughter and a son. Jesse Williams’s ex-wife gave birth to their son, Maceo Williams, in October 2015.


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Furthermore, two years before Maceo’s birth, his older sister Sadie Williams was born. Jesse and his former wife, Aryn, became parents for the first time on December 6, 2013, by welcoming their only daughter. He has a great bond with his sister, and they both enjoy each other’s company. Maceo, being the youngest and the first boy in the family, must be pampered a lot by his sister and parents.

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Maceo Williams’s Parents Are Divorced

Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee first met in 2007 in New York. At that time, Maceo’s dad, Jesse, was working as a schoolteacher. They began their relationship and dated for more than five years before walking down the aisle on September 1, 2012. In many interviews in the past, Jesse was seen gushing about his love for Aryn.

Sadly, Jesse’s marriage with Aryn could not last long. After spending seven years as a married couple, in April 2017, Maceo’s father filed for a divorce from his estranged wife. However, their divorce was finalized only after three years, in October 2020.

According to the documents, the ex-pair shared the legal joint and physical custody of their kids. Furthermore, they must have a discussion before posting any of their kids’ photos on social media.

Jesse Williams's Kid Maceo Wiliams
Maceo Williams’s parents divorced each other after eight years of togetherness. Image Source: Social Media.

Talking about alimony, Maceo’s dad will have to pay $40,000 in child support every month. Likewise, in the two upcoming spousal payments after the hearing, he had to pay over $100,000. Similarly, Maceo’s mother, Aryn, kept their house while the ex-pair retained their respective vehicles.

Furthermore, Williams did not have to split his profit worth $936,810, which he made from Grey’s Anatomy after his separation.

Well, it seems like the battle between Maceo’s parents is unending. While they had agreed on the payment and other details, Aryn is now fighting to strip Jesse off of the joint custody. The little one’s mom has accused of his father of making his and his sister’s life difficult by frequently changing schedules.

Moreover, the Grey’s Anatomy actor was accused of hiding a dog attack on his daughter from his ex-wife. Also, Maceo’s mother have asked for primary custody stating that she feared for her safety.

On the other hand, Jesse has accused Aryn of being the erratic one and controlling of the time he takes care of his children. He has also asked the court to deny her request and charge her a sanctioned amount for dragging him back to court multiple times.

Maceo Williams’s dad and mom went through an ugly divorce and are still fighting a lengthy battle due to their disagreement regarding the custody. But we hope that both of them keep their children’s interests at heart and come to a proper conclusion soon.

Maceo’s Dad Is A Well-Known Actor

As stated earlier, Maceo William’s father is a popular American actor. After he started studying acting in 2005, Jesse was chosen as one of the 14 actors to partake in the New York Actors Showcase, which ABC Television presented. After that, he began making appearances in several movies and series. Furthermore, in 2012, he also established a production company, farWord Inc.

Maceo’s papa, Jesse, had a breakthrough in his career when he was cast as Jackson Avery in Shonda Rhimes’s drama series Grey’s Anatomy. The show helped him, and actors like Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr., Justin Chambers, Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, and many others amass immense fame and fortune. Furthermore, the handsome 40-year-old actor has also been nominated and has won several prestigious awards.

Jackson left the popular show, Grey’s Anatomy in 2021 and almost a year later has asked a judge to decrease the amount of child support he has to pay. Grey was his primary source of income and while he has since taken up various roles, Maceo’s dad’s income is fluctuating.

Moreover, Maceo Williams’ dad comes from a big family. He has two uncles, Coire Williams and Matt Williams with whom he undoubtedly share a close bond. Also, Maceo is lucky to have grandparents, Reginald Williams and Johanna Chase who would love to take care of them and love them to the fullest.

Maceo’s Mother Is A Podcast Host

Maceo Williams’s mother, Aryn Drake-Lee, has a different profession than his dad. She works as a real estate broker at Urban Compass. Similarly, she and her fellow mom-friend, Trian Long-Smith, host a podcast named BBSARETRASH (Babies Are Trash), where they discuss motherhood, marriage, and different other topics.

Similarly, going through Aryn’s Instagram, we can see that she talks and advocates mostly about motherhood and womanhood.

Despite their ugly divorce, Maceo’s parents are raising him and his elder sister with tremendous love and care. Jesse and his estranged wife are working to make their divorce adjustment easier for their kids. They seem to prefer keeping their kids away from the media’s attention.

Nevertheless, we can hope that Jesse Williams’s kid, Maceo Williams, has a great future ahead.

Name Meaning

The name Maceo has a Spanish meaning, and its meaning is “Gift of God.”

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