Meet Larry Brown – Photos Of James Brown’s Son With Velma Warren

James Brown's son Larry BrownJames Brown's son, Larry Brown is the youngest child from his first marriage. Image Source: Deanna's Instagram.

James Brown, one of the massive influences in the music industry, inspired several music genres. Although he died at age of 73, he continues to make headlines whether it is due to domestic abuse claims or the legal battle concerning his estate.

Moreover, in the self-proclaimed life of the s*x machine, James got a vasectomy after facing increasing child support cases. Interestingly, Brown reportedly fathered twelve children with his four wives and multiple affairs. However, he only acknowledged nine and put six on his will. Among them is Brown’s son, Larry Brown, with his first wife, Velma Warren.

Therefore, here is everything about James Brown’s son, Larry Brown, and his whereabouts. Don’t expect much, but there might be spices at the end, so hang on.

Born To James Brown and Velma Warren

Before Deidre “Deedee” Jenkins, Adrienne Lois Rodriguez, and Tomi Rae Hynie, James Brown was married to Velma Warren.

Besides having this massive persona as the Godfather, James Brown also struggled with his abusive partner’s chilling identity. Nevertheless, he welcomed three kids with his first wife, Velma, Teddy Brown, Terry Brown, and Larry Brown, after tying knots on 27 June 1953 in an intimate ceremony.

James Brown’s son, Larry Brown, being the youngest child in the family, must have received undivided love from his parents. However, he stayed and continues to maintain his life confidentiality.

Furthermore, Larry Brown’s parents divorced on 26 August 1969, after more than a decade together. Thus, Larry must have a few memories of his father as a kid. Interestingly, he has been able to curve all the media attention towards the Brown family and enjoys life away from the media approach.

Larry even keeps his distance from social media. Talking about maintaining a secret life, his brother, Terry, is also an expert in it. Thus, the Brown siblings seem very cautious about their privacy.

Furthermore, Larry Brown grew up with his blood sibling, Terry Brown, and might have a good relation with half-siblings, Deanna Brown, Daryl Brown, and Yamma Brown. He might as well empathize with James Brown Jr., who was excluded from the family.

Likewise, James Brown reportedly had an affair with a woman while he was still married to Larry’s mother. As a result, James welcomed his illegitimate daughter and Larry’s half-sister, LaRhonda Pettit, who died on December 27, 2013, at West Houston.

Likewise, Larry Brown is no stranger to losing people as he lost his brother, Teddy Brown, at a very young age and half-sister, Venisha Brown, in 2018.

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Larry Brown’s Older Brother Died In A Car Accident

As mentioned earlier, James Brown’s son, Larry Brown, is no stranger to losing people as he lost his brother, Teddy Brown, in a terrible car accident.

Teddy died at a very young age of 19 in a car accident in 1974 and currently rests at Toccoa, Georgia, USA. Larry was very young when he lost his brother, and that impacted his life massively.


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The loss devasted both James & Larry. Death at that tender age is very saddening, but what’s sadder is that Larry Brown’s brother and James Brown’s oldest child are suspected of being murdered.

It is no news about the Brown Family death drama. Well, Daryl Brown suspects foul play regarding his half-brother, Teddy Brown’s death in memoir Inside the Godfather. While raising concerns regarding James Brown’s sudden death, Daryl also has suspicions about Teddy being shot before being killed in an accident.

Moreover, Daryl concluded his theory by stating Teddy Brown and his ex-brother-in-law, Darren Lumar‘s death, were all tied to James Brown’s murder. While Daryl illustrated his suspicions and speculations all over his book, Larry Brown maintains his silence about everything. Guess there comes the point where one needs to stop speculating, accept and move on. And Larry might be doing just that.

Living A Very Private Life

It is sporadic for the Brown family and kids to maintain their privacy to this level, without appearing on any headlines.

While every Brown sibling is fighting for their father’s estate, trying to get a piece of something of their dead father, Larry remains out of sight. He must have been present in several court hearings but kept silent and provided no statements.

James Brown's son Larry Brown
While Larry’s siblings are voicing their rights regarding their father’s assets, he remains calm and silent. Image Source: James Brown Family Foundation Instagram.

On the other hand, Larry Brown’s brother, Terry Brown, wanted to see his father’s will as it was written. Likewise, his mother, Velma Warren, also tried to be one of Brown’s surviving widows. Thus, she filed a statement in Aiken County Court claiming the former pair weren’t divorced, only to be dismissed.

James Brown’s will included Larry Brown, Terry, Daryl, Yamma, Deanna, and Venisha.

Thus, James Brown’s son, Larry Brown, must be enjoying his life immensely despite maintaining a very private life. He must have a good relationship with his half-siblings and might have built a family of his own. We might have to wait until Larry decides to share his experience being born to one of the most outstanding music personalities, only to be enticed in notorious and litigating estate hassle.

Name Meaning – Larry Brown

The name Larry has an English origin, which means From Laurentum, Italy.

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