Learn More About Eric Norris’ Wife Stephanie Norris And See Their Lovely Marital Bond

Eric Norris' wife Stephanie NorrisEric Norris and his wife Stephanie Norris share a blissful marital life. Image Source: Stephanie Norris' Facebook.

Stephanie Norris is the wife of Eric Scott Norris and a part of the huge Chuck Norris household. Aside from being related to the 2002 NASCAR Winston West Series winner, there are limited details regarding her.

Unlike other family members of the Hollywood action icon, Eric and his wife are very private. Information regarding their love life and general interests is overly thin. Below, let’s look dig into the life of Eric Norris’s wife, Stephanie Norris and get to know her.

Stephanie’s Husband, A Racer & A Stuntman

First, Stephanie Norris’s significant other is the second eldest son of Chuck Norris and his ex-wife Dianne Holechek.

Eric Scott Norris was born on May 20, 1965, in Redondo Beach, California. The 56-year-old is a former stock car racing driver and a stuntman. Stephanie’s beau began racing in 1982 and made his professional debut at Craftsman Truck Series in 1997.

The greatest achievement of Stephanie’s husband is taking the 1st prize for 2002’s NASCAR Winston West Series. Other than racing, the brother of Mike R. Norris has been performing stunts in films and television since the mid-80s.

Aside from working on his father’s projects, Eric has also worked in Avenging Force, Invaders from Mars, and Universal Soldier. In 2015, he was nominated in the 67th Emmy Awards for Outstanding Stunt Coordination in a Drama Series for the hit television show; Sons of Anarchy.

Arizona State University Is Where They Met?

Like her husband, Eric Norris’s wife, Stephanie Norris, is also the product of Arizona State University. Since they were long-time partners before tying the knot, we can assume they met during their uni days.

Arizona State University or ASU is a public research university in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The former racer could have focused on his racing career after graduating from college. As for his wife; the details are undisclosed.

Phil Mickelson, Jimmy Kimmel, James Harden, David Spade, Nick Nolte, Reggie Jackson, and Cain Velasquez are some of the other famous ASU alumni.

Blessed With IV Kids

Eric Norris has tons of siblings, i.e., Mike Norris, Dina Di Ciolli, Dakota Alan Norris, and Danilee Kelly Norris. He and his wife were not shy in adding a similar number to their younger generation.

Stephanie Norris and her husband have four children together, 3 daughters and a son. The eldest is Camrynn Norris, born in 1995, followed by Chloe Norris, born in 1998.

Their 2000s babies are Chantz Norris, born in 2000, and Cash Norris, born in 2010. They all live in California and spend quality time together.

Related To Damien Di Ciolli?

Stephanie Norris was born as Stephanie Di Ciolli, and surprisingly Chuck Norris’s love child Dina Norris is married to another Di Ciolli.

Stephanie’s sister-in-law is married to Damien Di Ciolli and shares three kids, i.e., Gabi Boardman, Dante Di Ciolli, and Eli Di Ciolli. Both Gabi and Dante are married and well settled.

Eric Norris' wife Stephanie Norris
Stephanie Norris was born Stephanie Di Ciolli. Pic Source: Gabi Boardman’s Facebook.

The common Di Ciolli has made us wonder whether they are linked or not. Moreover, with the scarce details regarding Stephanie’s background, we cannot confirm their relationship.

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Fan Of Arkansas Travelers

Despite studying in Arizona, Eric Norris’ wife, Stephanie Norris, is a huge supporter of the Arkansas Travelers Baseball Team.

The mother of four has spammed her Twitter feeds with the MiLB team and is looking forward to attending their game as crowds are finally allowed to attend sporting events.

A Proud Home Maker & Family Woman

Eric Norris’s wife, Stephanie Norris, is never away from her motherly and family duties. The ASU graduate has a very homely nature and spends time with her family.

She is always surrounded by her loved ones and travel often with them. Either be for parties or the beach, Stephanie has always been there for her close ones.

The mother of four also spends time with her youngest born and his squad. They frequently go skating parks accompanied by Stephanie.

Regardless of everything, Eric Norris’s wife, Stephanie Norris, is an example of the perfect mother and an ideal wife. We hope to learn more about her in the days to come and also wish the best for her overall well-being.

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