Meet Chloe Norris – Photos Of Eric Norris’ Daughter With Stephanie Norris

Eric Norris' daughter Chloe NorrisChloe Norris is the daughter of Eric Norris and Stephanie Norris. Photo Source: Chloe Norris' Instagram.

Chloe Norris is the daughter of Eric Scott Norris and Stephanie Norris. Born in 1998, Chloe is in her early 20s and is enjoying life.

Other than who her parents are, she is also popular for her beautiful looks and fit lifestyle. Eric Norris’ daughter Chloe Norris is yet to decide on her profession as she recently graduated from high school.

Below let’s look into the social media influencer and get to know her better.

Chloe’s Parents

Chloe’s father, Eric Scott Norris, is a former stock car racing driver and a stuntman. The 56-year-old’s biggest achievement might be winning the 2002 NASCAR Winston West Series Championship.

When it comes to his stunt works, he was nominated at the 67th Emmy Awards for Outstanding Stunt Coordination in a Drama Series for the hit TV show “Sons of Anarchy.” The former racer has also worked on Invasion U.S.A., The Delta Force, Invaders from Mars, Avenging Force, Hero and the Terror, and Universal Soldier.

As for Chole’s mother, Stephanie Norris is a homemaker and a graduate of Arizona State University. The natural blondie is married to the former racer since 1993 and is blessed with four children.

She Has Three Siblings

Eric Norris’s daughter Chloe Norris is his second eldest child. As mentioned above, Eric and his wife share four kids. Aside from Chloe, the director of Walker, Texas Ranger has two other daughters and a son.

Eric Norris' daughter Chloe Norris
Chloe Norris is the second eldest child of Eric and Stephanie Norris. Image Source: Stephanie Norris’ Facebook.

Camrynn Norris, the eldest child, was born in 1995, followed by Chloe. Chantz Norris and Cash Norris are the 2000s child as Chantz was born in 2000 and Cash in 2010.

Despite the age differences, all the siblings enjoy spending time with each other and live together in California.

Chuck Norris Is Her Grand Dad

Hollywood’s action icon, Chuck Norris, is the grandfather of Chloe Norris. Born as Carlos Ray Norris, the 81-year-old is also a professional mixed martial artist.

Previously married to Dianne Holechek and currently to Gena O’Kelley, the former U.S. Airforce police is retired from acting. Chloe’s grandpa starred alongside Bruce Lee in the Way of the Dragon and appeared in Silent Rage, Forced Vengeance, Lone Wolf McQuade, and Code of Silence.

His illustrious MMA career saw him earning elite-level black-belt degrees in Tang Soo Do, Taekwondo, Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo. Old man Chuck also has his own discipline Chun Kuk Do or American Tang Soo Do, which has a huge following worldwide.

Chloe’s grandfather, aside from Eric, has 4 other children, i.e., Mike R. Norris, Dina Di Ciolli, Dakota Alan Norris, and Danilee Kelly Norris.

Attending The Same University As Her Parents

Eric Norris’ daughter Chloe Norris graduated from Liberty High School in May of 2020 and attended the University of Arizona.

Surprisingly both her mother and father graduated from the same university. Pretty Chloe is also part of Arizona Alpha Phi, a sorority that was established in 1926.

The Peoria native is doing her major in pre-nursing and proudly flaunts her sorority shenanigans on her social media.

Cheerleader For The Liberty Lions

Stephanie Norris’s daughter Chloe Norris may have finally started her university life but had an exceptional high school life.

The Alpha Phi member is a cheerleader and is very good at it. When you go through her social media, most of the pictures are related to her cheerleading career.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by CHLOE NORRIS🦋 (@chloenorriss)

Her high school team was called the Liberty Lions and along with her friends, she was also the star of the show. Chloe gained more popularity in her high school by being a cheerleader rather than being the grandchild of Chuck Norris.

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Dating A Footballer

Eric Norris’s daughter Chloe Norris is currently dating her high school sweetheart Jonah Guevara.

Jonah Guevara is Liberty’s finest as he played football for the Liberty Lions. The high school pair was the perfect match since Chole was a cheerleader and her significant other an athlete.

Eric Norris' daughter Chloe Norris
Chloe Norris and Jonah Guevara both attended Liberty High School. Pic Source: Chloe Norris’ Instagram.

Their love life is not at hold as Guevara also is a student at the University of Arizona. The lovely couple is sailing smoothly in their relationship and we hope they continue in doing so.

Nonetheless, Chloe Norris, the celebrity child, is happy and enjoying life away from media attention, unlike her cousins Max Norris and Greta Norris.

Moreover, we wish the best to Eric Norris’ daughter Chloe Norris regarding her future and overall well-being.

Name Meaning

Chloe is primarily a girl’s name of Greek origin with the meaning verdant or blooming.

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