Meet All The Partners/Wives/Girlfriends Of The 2021 F1 Drivers, And Look At The Pair’s Love-Life And Relationship

The Partners/Wives/Girlfriends Of The 2021 F1 DriversHere are all the F1 Drivers's partnera/wives/girlfriends. Image Source: F1's Facebook.

After an overwhelming halt caused by COVID, the world is slowly recovering. Amongst the recovery is the racing world. Well, Formula 1 had opened up before the racing even started this year, but they have recently announced the full F1 driver line-up. Furthermore, the nail-biting decisions of Sergio Perez being replaced by Alex Albon next year mean the line up is almost complete.

Therefore, here is the team line up for 2021, along with their respective wives/girlfriends. We have further tried to find more about the pair’s relationship details. So enjoy.

Lewis Hamilton’s Extensive Dating List

Hailing with the Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton has managed to make a remarkable career as a motor racer. Besides his impressive career stats, Lewis also managed to make a great impression amongst stars. Furthermore, Hamilton has dated models to beauty pageants and pop stars, including Rihanna and Rita Ora.

Moreover, the F1 racer most recently came to the spotlight as he was reportedly spotted with Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion Week together. Furthermore, the duo also shared a few pictures of a gateway in Dubai. Well, the unconfirmed romance might have ended as Nicki is married to Kenneth Petty.

Moreover, Lewis and model Winnie Harlow were spotted getting close at the GQ Award in mid-2016. One of the most anticipated Lewis Hamilton relationship was with Hungarian model Barbara Palvin. Furthermore, Lewis Hamilton’s ex-girlfriend, Barbara, supported him at the Monaco Grand Prix and gradually parted ways.

One of many Lewis Hamilton’s relationship chronicles is with singer Rita Ora. The rumor began as they were spotted on several occasions together back in 2016. Furthermore, Rita was supposedly seen leaving his apartment after spending the night together in July 2016 and was later seen supporting him at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton's girlfriend
Lewis Hamiton and Rita Ora were spotted together in 2016. Image Source: Hamilton’s Instagram.

Well, before Rita, Lewis Hamilton was spotted hanging out with Rihanna in 2015 and broke off after a few quality time together. We have rarely heard of Lewis Hamilton’s serious relationship, but the guy was in a long-term relationship with singer Nicole Scherzinger from 2007 to 2015. Unfortunately, their relationship was mostly long-distance. Other than Nicole, Lewis dated his high school sweetheart Jodia Ma for four years.

Despite the extended list of girlfriends, it looks like Lewis has finally slowed down and is focusing on being champion. So, well, let’s lookout for Lewis this coming season.

Valtteri Bottas’s Ex-wife Emilia Pikkarainen

Not all relationships are meant to last forever. Alike is the relationship tale of an F1 racer, Valtteri Bottas. Furthermore, Bottas and his partner, Emilia Pikkarainen, decided to part ways after three years of marriage and a decade of being together. Moreover, Valterri Bottas’s ex-wife, Emilia Pikkarainen, was a former Olympic swimmer and had several Finnish records.

The former duo started dating in 2010, and after several years of courtship, the couple finally walked down the aisle in 2016. After a few years into marriage, Valtteri publicly posted about their decision on Twitter. According to his tweet, it looks as though the former couple were having trouble with Bottas’ career and hence decided to separate thereafter permanently. Valtteri and Emilia’s divorce was finalized in January 2020.

Moreover, the Bottas-Pikkarainen couple did not welcome any kid throughout their years-long relationship. Interestingly, Valtteri confirmed his relationship with Tiffany Cromwell in 2019. Well, he is in love with his new woman and is broadly supported by her.

Charles Leclerc’s Girlfriend Charlotte Siné

Ferrari rider Charles Leclerc is enjoying a new relationship with Charlotte Sine since 2019. He was previously in a relationship with Giada Gianni, and after a while, they called their time on their relationship.

Charles Leclerc’s girlfriend, Charlotte Sinne, is a Monaco native and hails from a strong background. A model and Instagram Influencer is the daughter of the Société des Bains de Mer, Emmanuel Siné. While the couple is enjoying a new relationship, Leclerc still wants to keep his relationship low-key.

Charles Leclerc's Girlfriend Charlotte Siné
Charles Leclerc and Charlotte Siné are keeping their relationship lowkey. Image Source: Charlotte Siné’s Instagram.

On the other hand, Leclerc’s ex-girlfriend, Giada, revealed that Charles left assuring her about his dedication ‘only to Ferrari.’

Is Carlos Sainz Dating Isabel Hernaez Fuster?

Well, now Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz Jr is most probably a single man. However, there are rumors of him dating Isabel Hernaez, a journalism student. The words started as Isabel revealed that she lived a couple of summers in the Balearic Islands. Similarly, the supposed couple also have photos of them on Instagram while on the Formentera.

Despite the unconfirmed rumor, Carlos admitted that his ideal partner should have confidence in him. Well, the constant traveling could make the relationship intolerable. Thus the ‘confidence’ thing sounds logical.

Dating or not, Carlos seems utterly focused on his racing care3r and is looking forward to 2021 with his new team Ferrari.

Max Verstappen Parted Ways With Dilara Sanlik

It looks like Charles is not the only person to enter 2021 with changes. The Red Bull star Max Verstappen recently revealed that he is now a single man and parted ways from his long-time girlfriend, Dilara Sanlik.

The former lovers started dating in 2017 and were mostly inseparable. Max Verstappen’s ex-girlfriend, Dilara Sanlik, was often seen around the F1 paddock. Despite opening up about his relationship status, he refrained from going into details about his break-up.

Well, Max is now rejuvenated and all set to take on the reign. Moreover, he is dating the beautiful Kelly Piquet and enjoying his time with his lady love.

So, now, let’s talk about Sergio Perez’s marriage.

Sergio Perez’s Wife Carola Martinez

After one heck of a day, the Mexican driver, Sergio Perez, is fortunate to race back home to his stunning wife, Carola Martinez. Sergio Perez’s wife, Carola, is a private person and keeps herself away from the spotlight.

Interestingly, she seems to share a birthday with her husband, Sergio Perez’s sister, Lupita, who is two years older. Likewise, Mrs. Carola Marinez garners 33.8k followers on her Instagram and regularly shares her family pictures.

Sergio Perez's Wife Carola Martinez
Sergio Perez’s Wife Carola Martinez shares her birthday with his sister. Image Source: Carola’s Instagram.

Well, Sergio and Carola shared their vows on June 3, 2018, after Perez proposed on August 13, 2017. Similarly, the couple welcomed their only son, Sergio Perez Jr., on December 21, 2017, and recently had their daughter Carlota Pérez Martínez in 2019. The happy family of four is looking forward to 2021 with great enthusiasm.

Is Daniel Ricciardo Dating Jessica Gomes?

Well, the McLaren driver, Daniel Ricciardo, is a seemingly private person and probably single. Although there are no relationship details regarding Daniel, he was heavily linked with Jessica Gomes after Herald Sun revealed they were partners in late 2018.

However, Ricciardo confronted that there was nothing romantic between him and the stunning Australian model. His mates notified him of the rumor, which baffled him much. Furthermore, despite enjoying singularity, it doesn’t mean Daniel never fell in love. He was, in fact, in a long-term relationship with childhood sweetheart Jemma Boskovich. Unfortunately, the pair broke up in 2018.

Since then, Daniel Ricciardo was linked with colleague Annemarie Horbas. They were partying together and spotted on a luxury yacht. Well, the rumors were short-lived, and so was the duo. He is single and enjoying a single-focused life.

Lando Norris Is Probably Single

The British racing drier, Lando Norris, is one of the youngest drivers in the paddock and is probably single. The 21-years-old admittedly isn’t outgoing and prefers staying at home with his video games. Furthermore, garnering over 2.4 million followers on Instagram, Lando Norris seems to be in a committed relationship with his career and rarely enjoys his celebrity status.

Nothing is a secret during the internet era, but if Lando Norris’s girlfriend exists, he is doing the best to keep his relationship a secret.

Esteban Ocon And Elena Berri

Well, Esteban Ocon is a French racing driver who competed for Renault in F1 in 2020. Making his Formula One debut in 2016, Esteban riled up our adrenaline with some fantastic races but hold up until you see his gorgeous girlfriend Elena Berri.

Furthermore, Esteban Ocon’s girlfriend, Elena Berri, is quite a secret keeper but appears in a few races. Moreover, she is a business management student. Similarly, garnering over 23.6k followers on Instagram, Elena occasionally shares pictures of her handsome beau. Likewise, the couple also appears on red carpets together and have great affection for one another.

Esteban Ocon's girlfriend Elena Berri
Esteban Ocon And Elena Berri started dating in 2016. Image Source: Elena’s Instagram.

Will it be too much to say the 24-year-old racer Esteban is lucky to have such a wonderful lady by his side?

Fernando Alonso And Linda Morselli

The Spanish racing driver set to drive for Renault is probably single. Amongst the 2000+ posts, we couldn’t spot a picture regarding his love life, leading us to believe he is single. However, Alonso is known to have a playboy personality but with sincerity.

Among the luckiest was the Italian model, Linda Morselli. The former partners reportedly started dating in 2016 and made several appearances together. Unfortunately, their flame seems to have burned out since both Linda and Alonso have unfollowed one another. They further have zero presence on each other’s Instagram, and we rarely see them together. It’s either the parties decided to keep their relationship private, or they secretly moved on. What do you think?

Fernando Alonso's girlfriend Linda Morselli
Fernando and Linda seem to have broken up. Image Source: Alonso’s Instagram.

Moreover, Fernando was also rumored to have dated Viki Odintcova in 2016. Similarly, he was involved with Spanish sports journalist Lara Alvarez from December 2014 till March 2016. It’d be a waste if we didn’t mention Fernando’s divorce from his singer wife, Raquel Del Rosario. The former couple met in 2005, tied knots within a year in November 2006, and got divorced in 2011.

Sebastian Vettel’s Wife, Hanna Prater

The German racing driver, Sebastian Vettel, is one of the most grounded celebrities who remains away from social media to this day. Similarly, Sebastia, the four-time World Drivers’ Championship winner is married to his childhood friend, Hanna Prater.

The 32 years-old racers, Vettel, met the love of his life in 2006. Furthermore, Sebastian Vettel’s wife, Hanna Prater, is a former design student and is an excellent influence in Vettel’s life. After dating a few years, the pair decided to share vows in 2019 in an intimate ceremony. The couple welcomed two daughters, Emilie Vettel and Matilda Vettel, before tying knots.

Sebastian Vettel's Wife, Hanna Prater
Sebastian Vettel married his high school sweetheart Hanna Prater and welcomed two kids together. Image Source: Vettel’s Instagram.

The family of four is living in a medieval-style farmhouse in Switzerland along with their pets.

Lance Stroll’s Lovelife

Born to a Canadian businessman, Lawrence Stoll, and Belgium beauty Claire-Anne Callens, Lance Stroll won the Italian F4 Championship before entering into F1. Garnering massive love from the fans, Italian model, Sara Pagliaroli seems to hold him dearly.

Furthermore, Lance Stroll’s lovelife became public after Sara shared a snap of her kissing the 22-year-old driver. She also appeared in Bahrain to cheer him on the season’s first race at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Lance Stroll’s girlfriend, Sara Pagliaroli is a creative person as she launched her jewelry brand Blue Lemon during the lockdown.

Interestingly, the couple is still very shy to share detail about their relationship but eventually, we shall hear wedding bells as well.

Pierre Gasly And Caterina Masetti Zannini

French never back down from their commitment and thus, along with setbacks, bring great enthusiasm. Along with an ecstatic career, Pierre Gasly is in a beautiful relationship with an Instagram influencer, Caterina Masetti Zannini, since 2018.

Pierre Gasly's girlfriend Caterina Masetti Zannini
Pierre Gasly And Caterina Masetti Zannini reportedly started dating in 2018. Image Source: Pierre Gasly’s Instagram.

Furthermore, very little is known about Pierre Gasly’s girlfriend, Caterina Masetti Zannini. However, the Bologna native is garnering a significant number of followers on Instagram. Furthermore, the striking beauty is not a model. The Sun reports that Gasly’s significant other is looking forward to a career in aerospace engineering. Beauty and a Brain is a catch.

Yuki Tsunoda’s Girlfriend Is A Mystery

Yuki Tsunoda is a Japanese racing driver set to race for Scuderia AlphaTauri in F1 in 2021. The 2018 Japanese F4 champion joins the single club alongside Lance Stroll, Fernando Alonso, among others. Similarly, Tsunoda is probably committed to his racing career as he finished his third F2 Championship 2020 at age 20.

Garnering over 128k followers on Instagram, Yuki Tsunoda rarely shares about his personal life. Also, all the track hours and championships might have distracted him from the basic ‘teenage; things. Therefore, we might hear about Tsunoda’s girlfriend in the future, probably a much denser lot.

Kimi Räikkönen And Minttu Virtanen Married In 2016

Nicknamed ‘The Iceman,’ the Finnish racing driver, Kimi Räikkönen, is currently driving in F1 for Alfa Romeo Racing. Besides enjoying a successful career, he is enjoying a blissful marital life with Minttu Räikkönen aka Mintuu Virtanen. The Räikkönen couple exchanged their vows in 2016 in an intimate ceremony surrounded by friends and families.

Kimi Räikkönen's wife Minttu Virtanen
Kimi Räikkönen And Minttu Virtanen exchanged vows in 2016. Image Source: Kim’s Instagram.

The Räikkönen couple met at the Kirkkonummi when Mrs. Räikkönen was working as a flight attendant. Well, from a total stranger to the couple, the Räikkönen pair has gone through different phases together. Frankly, Minttu is credited for shaping a party animal into a family person. Well, the couple shares two children, son Robin Räikkönen, and daughter Rianna Angelia Milana Räikkönen.

Before Minttu, Kimi was married to a Finnish model, Jenni Dahlman from 2004 to 2014.

Antonio Giovinazzi & Antonella Maraglino

It looks like the Italian racing driver Antonio Giovinazzi has joined the single club since there is no trace of his girlfriend’s existence. According to F1 Wags, Antonio dated a girl named Antonella Maraglino back in 2018 but was on a break in 2019.

However, F1 wags further claims that Antonio confirmed their relationship in an interview. Well, Antonio’s Instagram is surprisingly silent for a committed man. On second thought, Antonio Givinazzi seems focused on his career and is set to race for Alfa Romeo in 2021 again.


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Alike Antonio, Nikita Mazepin‘s relationship seems hazy as well. The 21-year-old racer seems utterly dedicated to his career and hasn’t found time to spark a love life.

Mick Schumacher Is Reportedly Not Single

Mick Schumacher hails from a legendary family. The German racer, Mick Schumacher, is the legendary retired racer, Michael Schumacher‘s son. Although he witnessed the result of a tragic accident, he seems persistent about focusing on his racing career. Furthermore, he has made significant achievements as a race driver.

Despite being very private about his life, rumors about Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend started circulating after he was pictured with a woman. The woman in question is Justine Huysman, daughter of former Norwegian racer, Harald Huysman.

However, neither Mick nor Justine have commented on their relationship. So, if Huysman truly is Schumacher’s girlfriend is a question everyone has on their mind.

George Russell Was Dating Seychelle de Vries

The British driver, George Russell, has been around motorsport since the age of 6. Well, his journey is incredible since he made his awaited debut for Williams at the Australian GP and is set to race for them again in 2021. Well, less about his career, let’s talk about George Russel’s ex-girlfriend, Seychelle de Vries.

Nyck de Vries‘s sister, Seychelle de Vries, first met George while racing in the Formula 2 championship. Moreover, Seychelle shares a few pictures of them spending time together on special occasions. However, the couple ended their relationship a few months into dating.

While it is unclear if Seychelle has started dating again, the Williams’ driver has already found love. George Russell’s new girlfriend is Carmen Montero Mundt whom he has been dating since 2020.

Nicholas Latifi And Sandra Dziwiszek

An Iranian-Canadian racing driver, Nicholas Latifi, competed in Formula One for Williams under the Canadian flag. Besides his flourishing carer, Nicholas Latifi is lucky to have Sandra Dziwisek to share his happiness with.

Although it is unknown when and how the couple started dating, Latifi’s girlfriend is a lawyer by profession. She further completed her Master of Laws and LPC in London. Furthermore, she is focusing on a modeling career.

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